Week 3 – back on the MTB

7 04 2012

First time in ages…. an early morning (well 0800 in the saddle) ride round a very damp and greasy Marin Trail. Followed by good coffee and coissant in the van. Home for lunch with friends.
Marin Trail

Week 3 – Ride to work

5 04 2012

No turbo today. Sunshine returns and clear, cold, easterly air stream means a nice long ride into work with two laps of the Orme and then a return up the hill to home later… ~800m climbing and a 50km day. Really good visibility – just make out the hills on the Ilse of Man! Nice tail wind too on the way into work – blown up the Orme.
Ride to Work - Week 3_2

The ride in (two laps of the Orme and not a computer glitch!)
Week 3_2

And the ride home – nice sunny and chilly evening – too much traffic on the back road because of the issues with the A55 (boat aground at Llandulas).
Week 3_3

Week 3

3 04 2012

Massive change in the weather – back to wet and windy ‘spring’ days… couple rest days in the plan to begin week 3 but as I’d missed Sunday with work I thought I’d get a quick cheeky turbo session in on Tuesday morning… 15 x 1 minutes intervals as here…. nice sets and rising rate and effort throughout. Planning to get in some ridding later in the week before we’re away seeing family over the Easter weekend.


Second Weekend in….

3 04 2012

Up early and a good start to a not so warm Saturday morning… I needed to work all weekend on completing a project so up early and into work by bike by the long route over the back of Llanwrst to Nebo and back through Trefriw and up the valley to Conwy – a good 52km of two halves – some hills, a big descent and then a long flatish spin…. couple of hours in the saddle with damp/wet roads so I didn’t go mad on the descents.
Work completely overtook the rest of the weekend – two long 11 hour days at work to get some interpretations completed for Monday in the US! No more biking!
Week 3_3

Same again in week 2

29 03 2012

A set of 3 x 8min SS intervals with 4 minutes RBI… same as Tuesday morning but all felt better and work loads were completed more easily (to the point that I’m not sure I’m working hard enough during each set) – a few core exercices to follow… settling into the routine now.


Week 2

27 03 2012

Just a quick early morning turbo session before work with a few weights thrown in….. today called for a warm up and 3 x 8 minutes SS with 4 minutes rest between…. first set was a struggle to maintain and I backed off a gear but the last interval was OK but done at a slightly lower cadence of 85 – 90. I am feeling the effects of the weekend and it took a bit to get going on the first interval – I’d also had a disturbed nights sleep which i suspect contributed to the sluggish start….

Polar Week 2_1

End of Week One

25 03 2012

Fantastic weather this weekend – blue sky and very little wind for two days so both EM rides were great. No effort to motivate yourself to get out when the weathers like this.
I rode round the Orme early on Saturday morning; the Lavant Sands and Menai Straight were both covered in mist up to 100 – 150m in height… stunning. Home in time for a family party with kids roaming round the garden and climbing trees – brilliant! Good couple of hours with over 1000m climbing.
Sunday afternoon – another EM ride in only summer gear (in March) – only needed a couple of bottles and the views over to Snowdonia were stunning (worth slowing the pace a little after the long gradual climb from Llanfair TH to take it all in)…. seems to be easier than going out in the van with a mountain bike and saves an hour of driving when I could be riding.

So first week over and a nice warm up – I fear less what’s to come but I do have a sore lower back so that needs some more work and stretching. Everything else feel OK but a bit tired – legs need a good stretch now so that will happen before bed. Rest day tomorrow! Then week 2 begins.

Anyway – Saturday morning looked like this – around 43km and just over 1030m of climbing (forgot to turn on the altimeter on the HR monitor):
Polar Week_1_3

And Sunday afternoon – a little more distance and less climbing but better roads and so a little average speed – around 48km and 800m of climbing:
Polar Week_1_4