I seem have been working the n+1 rule too far…. In reverse order of acquisition:

A Ti Carver O’Beast Fat Bike – built by Tim at Sideways Cycles

A steel 29er – A Singular Swift with recycled bits from a previously rebuilt 26er – built 1×9 – nice to ride rigid for a change – this might go singlespeed as I’ve been trying it out on some recent rides
Swift on a col in the Rhinogau

A Ti (there’s a theme here!) road bike – a ‘Sportive’ from Planet X – frame built by Lynskey
On Mount Ventoux

A Ti Voodoo Zaka 29er built by me (including my first go at wheel building which is very absorbing) – now my main summer bikepacking bike
Zaka having lunch on the Trans Cambrian at Claerddu Bothy

A 26″ full susser which only got ridden once last year – it’s good fun but not my kind of riding really. It does however make a pleasant change when I get it out but the linkages creaked a bit last time and spoilt the peace and quiet 😉

There’s couple of old steel tourers in the mix there too – one was used for the occasional commute and the other lives on a turbo now for winter exercise (but I prefer a lunchtime road ride when I can for the fresh air)

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