Training plans?

9 04 2013

These generally went to pot last year. I am obviously too much of time crunched cyclist and even Chris C’s plans defeated my random work/life planning. So, I just got out when I could. I used to run at lunchtime many years ago and I’ve resurrected this with some success.
I’ve started with Strava for these rides and stopped using the turbo and heart rate monitor over this winter. I bought some decent winter clobber and some Continental 4 Season tyres and just tried to get out at lunchtime whatever the weather. Generally it’s been good (cold but not too wet) for most of the winter and I’ve been constructing various loops of 20 – 25km to keep me interested and challenged. I usually have a look at the weather forecast and decide on a ride based on the prevailing wind. Round the Great Orme in a SW gale has been a bit scary on the summit and descent!
Strava has been a great ride diary and an encouragement to get out. Nice to see personal improvement, which is what I’ve been after, and the totals for each month are a great motivation.
I bought a Garmin 800 to track all the data and this has been a great bit of kit. I’ve been using it with OS 1:50k mapping too both for road riding and also for route finding offroad. It’s been used for all the winter S24O bikepacking trips and I’m going to start to experiment with a back up USB power supply for longer bikepacking trips. The power seems to last pretty well on the one day trips so far, especially if it’s not on map view all the time. Loads of good stuff on the web relating to the Edge but I particularly liked Frank Kinlans Blog ( for some hints and tips.



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