A new framebag

7 05 2012

A few months ago I thought it would be nice to get a fully fitted, bespoke framebag for the Voodoo Zaka (my main bikepacking bike). So rather than go back to the States (Revelate are not doing custom work I don’t think, just for Salsa fat bikes, and I didn’t want to get something from Porcelain Rocket or Carousel Design) it was one of the new UK suppliers for a custom job…. There are a few people like Buggybags in the UK but I’d had contact with Ian B before and his with Beth now makes custom bags with very good reports. They are and based in Brecon and i’m always happy supporting a cottage industry in Wales too.
I sent Beth a pretty poor template of corrugated card that was too thick (the boys pinch all the cereal packets pretty quick), she did really well and translated my thoughts and emails into a very nice bag made to my specs (a bit wider up front with a central divider and a big map pocket on the non-drive side). It’s a great fit and takes a huge volume of gear with no issues. Straps are positioned to not interfere with my Gas Tank too. The upper pocket will take the tent poles or a small tripod on days when I want to get out with a camera too.

Wildcat Gear Frame bag for a Voodoo Zaka



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